Two CDs. Deluxe Edition of the record-shattering Donda, featuring four bonus tracks plus fan-favorite verses from Andre 3k, Kid Cudi and more. This release, from one of "the most influential pop stars of the 21st century," was his 10th #1 album on the Billboard 200, racking up over 1 billion streams in the first 10 days. Originally previewed at 3 historic livestream events, the global phenomenon topped charts in 11 countries and set an Apple Music record of #1s in 152 countries. Tracks 1.1 Donda Chant 1.2 Hurricane 1.3 Moon 1.4 Life Of The Party 1.5 Off The Grid 1.6 Jail 1.7 Praise God 1.8 Come to Life 1.9 Believe What I Say 1.10 No Child Left Behind 1.11 Up From The Ashes 1.12 Remote Control pt. 2 1.13 God 1.14 Breathed 1.15 Lord I Need You 1.16 24 1.17 Junya 1.18 Never Abandon Your Family 1.19 Donda 2.1 Keep My Spirit 2.2 Alive 2.3 Jesus Lord pt. 2 2.4 Heaven and Hell 2.5 Remote Control 2.6 Tell The Vision 2.7 Jonah 2.8 Pure Souls 2.9 Ok Ok 2.10 New Again 2.11 Jesus Lord 2.12 Ok Ok pt. 2 2.13 Junya pt. 2 2.14 Jail pt. 2 2.15 Keep My Spirit Alive pt. 2 Number of Tracks 34
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